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Online Pharmacy In Bangladesh : A movement for easy health & medicine supplies

The pharmacy chain Deshimed operates in Dhaka and the another Division Region. This is a network of retail pharmacies, which presents a huge number of medical devices, medicines and other goods.

Bangladeshi pharmacies then attract new customers, when in addition to a wide selection of goods, they can boast of favorable prices, interesting promotions, good service. All these requirements are met by our Online pharmacy, which appeared on the market in 2018. “Deshimed is not just a pharmacy that you can run into on the way to work or home, it is also a modern Bangladeshi online pharmacy.

Deshimed Pharmacy offers its customers a huge selection of medicines and other products. The assortment is replenished constantly, taking into account the demand and wishes of customers. What can I buy in an online pharmacy?

Medicines: More than 27,500 thousand Medicines;

Biologically active food additives (BAA): More than 1000 items;

Vitamins: More than 300 items;

Orthopedic products: More than 300 products;

Medical devices: More than 200 items;

Baby care products and baby food: Bbout 3000 items;

Hygiene products, cosmetics and household chemicals: More than 3000 items;

Goods for sports and proper nutrition:More than 200 items;

Optics: About 300 products;

Insect repellents: More than 30 products;

Other medical products and other products.

Only certified products are sold in the pharmacy network, because caring for the health of every person in Bangladesh is the main goal of the online pharmacy.

Many buyers choose Deshimed because it is a  smart pharmacy compared to others. Prices in the pharmacies of Deshimed are much lower than in other pharmacies in Bangladesh and Asian region. It is low prices and a huge selection of Medicine that attract more and more new customers every day in Bangladesh and Specially Dhaka region.

In addition, it is possible to save additionally and buy Medicine and health supply at lower prices. To do this, pre-order and pick it up in 1-3 days. You can pre-order by phone or directly at the Deshimed Points. But the most convenient way to do this is on the Deshimed online pharmacy website.

Deshimed always informs its customers about current discounts and promotions. Promotions and discounts help not only to take care of the health of the whole family, but also save the family budget.

When buying medicine, you can save by pre-ordering on the site. Pre-order prices are significantly lower than prices when purchasing goods from stock.

What is the difference from other Online pharmacy in Bangladesh?

Upon pre-order, Deshimed online pharmacy receives goods from a company warehouse within one to three days. The fact that the pharmacy received the goods from the warehouse and is ready for delivery, the buyer is informed by SMS and email. The letter displays the order number, the date of its execution, the address of the pharmacy and the telephone.

Online pharmacy in Bangladesh called Deshimed

is a online supply chain network only and  actively developing in Dhaka. Several dozen point have already opened.

Where else is the pharmacy Deshimed except Dhaka?

Two point opened in the Chittagong region in Agrabad. Every month, the points Deshimed opens more and more. New points will be opened in Dhaka, in the Chittagong , Khulna , Barisal , Sylhet and and in other regions of Bangladesh.

If you want to be a part of this Online Pharmacy In Bangladesh Movement you can add your local pharmacy here to get business .

Before joining us keep in mind Making an online pharmacy in Bangladesh is subject to license and rules – We will not run until we are a company approved for making a online pharmacy in Bangladesh with Supply Network.

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